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Mesut Ali Ergin

mysurname at winlab dot rutgers dot edu


Education turned out to be a joyful and long journey throughout my life. I have been fortunate enough to become member of the following fine institutions that contributed a lot to who I am today. Starting off with a robotics/control theory focused B.S. curricula, and then studying a computer science curricula for M.S. really paid off for me. I better realized this after getting onto the track of wireless and networking-centric Ph.D.

Rutgers University Rutgers University, Ph.D in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Candidate), New Jersey, USA expected 2010
Bogazici University Bogazici University, Master of Science in Computer Engineering, Istanbul, Turkey 2003
Istanbul Teknik Universitesi Istanbul Technical University, Bachelor of Science in Control and Computer Engineering, Istanbul, Turkey 1999
Kabatas Erkek Lisesi Kabatas Erkek LisesiHigh School, Istanbul, Turkey 1994

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