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Mesut Ali Ergin

mysurname at winlab dot rutgers dot edu

Industry Experience

My first hands-on experience with industry dates back to my childhood :) I worked for my dad's company during the summertime, doing various things from soldering PCBs, to phone switching equipment installation. However it wasn't until I turned thirteen that I started getting paid for my work :)

Apart from some part-time work, my next industry experience was with Alcatel-Lucent, Turkey (which was
Alcatel Teletaş back then) in 1999. I started working there for my undergrad project as an intern and then signed a contract after graduation to transfer know-how for the GSM payphone design and implementation I worked on with a couple of my classmates.

During my undergrad years and a couple more after graduation (1997-2002), I was affiliated with my own IT start-up, founded with my classmate Atıf Alipaşaoğlu, A ve A Bilgisayar Ltd. (literally, A and A Computers Limited). I would summarize our company's interests back then as 'everything computer-related', that could let it survive. We frequently dealt with OEM PC sales and support. After we sold the company, another A ve A (more like 'avea') happened to come to life out of a merger as a premium GSM operator.

Attracted to pursuing a Masters degree, I was drawn to scholastic communities, serving as a teaching (and research at times) assistant at Yeditepe University, Computer Engineering Department, for five years. That attraction has not ceased after getting a Masters, apparently, I now do work towards a PhD degree in WINLAB, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

Although I haven't resumed working at a full-time position in the industry, I had the opportunity to work for the Communication Technology Labs at Intel Corp. for two summers (Santa Clara, CA, and Hillsboro, OR) in 2005 and 2006. I've had hands-on experience with WiFi, UWB, WiMAX and multi-radio coexistence issues in general. Also, WINLAB's industry sponsorship program gave me the chance to work on small projects for Panasonic Corp. (PSDU of USA), Intel Corp. (CTL), and Toyota ITC.

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