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Mesut Ali Ergin

mysurname at winlab dot rutgers dot edu

Research Interests

The level might be varying from one to the other, but any given person after a PhD has some curiosity for research. I'll try to give you an idea as to what turns me on in that respect. Looking at the kinds of projects I have been involved in and the places I have been working at, I could say that I love to work on ideas that can come to life in foreseeable future (read future here as 1-10yrs rather than some 20+yrs). This preference reflects onto my everyday TODO list in terms of more hands-on stuff, not particularly liked by some researchers.

More into specifics, I have substantial interest for the broad field of computer networking, and mobile/wireless part of it in particular. In my earlier life, I worked on a cross-layer architecture for service access in wireless ad hoc networks. More recently I have been doing research on various issues in dense wireless LANs, vehicular communications, location enhancements to future Internet protocols, multi-radio coexistence, and available bandwidth estimation for wireless. These diverse roads somehow kept intersecting at the ORBIT wireless testbed junction, for the reason of real-world evaluations.

In my everyday life, I like to listen to new ideas from others on various things (including above topics, but not limited to) and challenge them to provoke intellectual discussions.

If you made it this far reading about my research interests, you might also be interested in my publications and the projects I have been involved in.

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